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Service and Interaction Design

Empowering one of the leading architecture and construction group with a digital transformation to inspire, engage and retain their B2C & B2B users as well as to improve internal processes. 

Confidential project; restricted access


Data analysis from interviews, ideation, workshop facilitation, Design sprints, wireframes, UX design


4 months

Madrid and Alicante, Spain


Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch, InVision


Joumana Matar

Jorge Negrotti

Gunes Kocajeb

The aim of the project was to create a strategy for a leading architecture and construction group to communicate with their B2B and B2C streams more efficiently and effectively through the use of different technological channels. I collaborated in the project as the strategist, working hand in hand with other Consulting from different areas such as business, technology and implementations teams in order to achieve an impactful Digital Transformation.


I collaborated in all stages of the project, from the analysis of data gathered from stakeholder and user interviews to uncover insights, to the creation of wireframes and high fidelity prototypes of the proposed solution. Throughout the project, I veiled for the needs of the users to be heard and not be forgotten to ensure that even in times of rush and pressure, the proposed solution would be relevant and coherent with the insights uncovered from the research. I collaborated with the client team in weekly design sprints, where I was responsible for the B2B stream, defining the service blueprint of the proposed solution as well as creating the deliverables and the concept prototypes.

Skills: Design Sprints, Moderation of co-creation workshops, service blueprint, user journeys, multidisciplinary team collaboration, complex problem solving, wireframes, protypying, UX, strategy.

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