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Interaction and Product Design

Different initiatives developed with the aim of advancing human wellbeing through technology

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Team Leader, Researching, ideation, Hackathon

iteration, scenarios,

product design


3 months

Nice, France


Research output

Ideation book

Final concept



Remi Cordina

Lucie Chenais


University sponsored project by the French Group Credit Agricole. We partnered with the EDHEC Business School and the EPITECH Engineering School to develop innovative concepts in the sector of E-Health. Through a Hackathon methodology and benefiting from a multidisciplinary team, we worked on 4 promising Design Challenges aiming to solve different health-related issues.

As the Team Leader of an interdisciplinary team of 8 design students from different backgrounds and levels, I was in charge of leading the communication with the business team and the software development team. I led the ideation sessions, ensuring everyone’s voice was heard throughout the duration of the project. Furthermore, I was in charge of the presentation with the client team as well as ensuring that all the deliverables were done on time. 


My personal mission was that all concepts were based on empathy with the final user. We addressed complex issues for different patients profiles, ensuring that both their physical and their emotional needs were being met with the proposed solutions.

Explore the 4 design challenges
 "Leverage emerging technologies by designing solutions to pressing healthcare issues in France"
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