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Interaction and Space Design

Design an Eco-Friendly Dermacenter and its UX merging the online and offline worlds for the Chinese Market


Team Leader, 

3D renders, prototypes, research


4 months

Nice, France


Research report



As the team leader of a multidisciplinary and international team of 10 students, I was in charge of leading the Research and the Service/Interaction design process of the whole project. Throughout the project, I was able to gain hard skills such as understanding the process of creating personas and and building customer journeys, and was also able to gain essential soft skills such as talent management, assertive communication skills and leadership skills.


The project consisted of understanding the consumption habits of the Chinese Market, specially the use of digital technologies to buy beauty related products. As a team, we analyzed the data gathered from the long-distance interviews we conducted and based on this information we created Personas that guided us throughout the creation of the service and experience concepts. We created user journey maps to understand how the different personas were using different apps and devices when buying a new beauty cream. I then lead several ideations sessions to resolve the paint points users experienced throghout their journey. We then created a concept for the retail space of the Dermacenters in China, the concept was based on sustainable design principles and respected the LEED ceritifaction. We then created a whole seamless experience with new service concets that seamlessly merged the online and offline platforms providing a holistic wellbeing experience for our users.

Skills: Interior Design, Eco-Design, Sustainability, Innovation, User Experience, Service Design, Design Thinking, Team Management, Project Management, Renders, 3D Design.

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