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Service and Interaction Design

Creating a new in-store payment service merging the digital and the offline experience in Mango stores


Researching, ideation, workshop moderation

iteration, interviewing, wireframes.


3.5 months

Barcelona, Spain


Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch, InVision


Alvaro Boo

Violeta Bendersky

Yoel Lenti

I collaborated in the creation of a new in-store payment system combining the best of both offline and online worlds by allowing the user to pay through the app while in the store. I was responsible for the user research, creating & conducting the user interviews, as well as moderating the co-creation workshop with the client team. I was also responsible for the interaction & UX strategy, creating the strategy of the experience, the wireframes as well as the service blueprint and the journey. In order to reach a solution that would be easy to implement by Mango, we iterated the proposed solution with users in context, I was responsible for conducting this research as well as iterating the prototype, creating high fidelity prototype of the app as well as a deliverable functional prototype. The service has now been implemented in Mango stores across Barcelona and will be escalated worldwide.

Skills: UX Research, A/B Testing, In-depth interviews, Contextual interviews, Persona creation, iteration, high fidelity prototyping, Wireframing, User Journeys, Service Blueprints, Co-creation workshops.

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