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Strategy and Service Design

Creating the strategy and the benefits of the new Loyalty Program for one of Inditex's largest brands 


Researching, ideation, workshop moderation

strategy, blueprint, experience journey


1,5 months

Barcelona, Spain


Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch, InVision


Ideation Workshop

Strategy Outline

Loyalty Journey

Service concepts

I collaborated within a multidisciplinary team creating the strategy of the Loyalty Program for one of the biggest Spanish fashion brands to be deployed and implemented worldwide. I was responsible for keeping the user’s interest at heart by creating mindsets of personas based on Social listening methodologies.


I was in charge of creating the strategy of the user experience, determining the benefits that will be part of the loyalty program as well as creating the journey and the service blueprint of the Loyalty program. I had the opportunity to collaborate in this multidisciplinary and challenging team, defending the needs and interest of the user and understanding how different views on the same project can complement each other in order to elevate the strategy to the next level.

Skills: Social Listening, mindsets & personas, strategic design, customer journey, service blueprint, collaborating with different backgrounds and areas, co-creation workshops

Journey MD_vf.jpg
Journey MD_vf.jpg
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