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For the past 4 years, I have focused in specialising in Digital Health design and Research. I had the opportunity to work along leading Medical Device and Pharmaceutical companies in complex multinational projects for challenging therapeutic areas such as obesity, advanced cancer therapy, wound care and cardiac health. I've worked as the Product Design Lead for Happitech, leading the Design and Dev team to democratise access to cardiac health, and as the Lead Researcher and UX Designer for Hanno, helping conceive award-winning digital products for diverse therapeutic areas.

As a strategic design consultant, I was involved in different projects across the world in countries like Italy, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Spain, Portugal, and United States working for companies such as Google, Pinterest, Facebook, Parques Reunidos, SEAT, Mango, Air Liquide, Inditex, Movistar, Unilever, among others.

My interest lies in the intersection of Neuroscience, Psychology, and AI aiming to develop products and services that elevate care and wellbeing human experience. I am a fervent believer in the potential of emerging technologies to the democratise access to healthcare.


I began my studies in Design in Industrial Design at FADU in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Looking for true meaning in Design I made a jump to Social & Sustainable Design obtaining a Master’s Degree (Bac+5) in Sustainable Innovation from the Université Côte d’Azur in Nice, France. During my studies, I developed a strong passion for Healthcare Design and became fervent believer in Design as an enabler for positive impact in society and in the world.

Having grown up in many different countries (Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, France and Spain) I have developed a keen curiosity for understanding new cultures and uncovering new ways of experiencing the world. When not deep in research, you can find me exploring the outdoors. 


I am trilingual in English, French and Spanish, and conversational Italian.  


Neruona BA

Nice Matin

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