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Game Design & Healthcare Research

Developing "ice-breakers" interactive games for Dementia Patients and their caregivers

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Team Leader, Research design, interviews, startup strategy, concept design


3 weeks

Nice, France

European Innovation Academy


Startup strategy

Game prototypes


I was the project lead for this startup initiative within the European Innovation Academy program. The Sustainable Design School offered me a scholarship to participate in this program.


The aim of the project was to help the elderly with dementia or Alzheimer’s to connect with their family members.


We researched interactions between elders suffering from dementia and their families. We discovered that younger members of the family had a very hard time connecting with their grandparents who suffered from dementia. It was hard for them to find the right words or to engage in conversation.


In order to reduce the generational gap, we decided to use technology as a platform to foster these interactions.


We created a series of interactive games that would act as “ice breakers” between the caregiver and the elderly. The game could only be played if two people were touching the screen at the same time, engaging both parties in the same space.


The project was done with the help of the Institut Claude Pompidou, a research center developing games for people with dementia.

Fig 1. OuiSmile Mockup. Snapshots of main screen of OuiSmile app, showing interactive games, memory collection and music sharing.

Screenshot 2019-11-17 at 01.55.46.png
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