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UX Research & Strategy

Conducting UX research and developing strategies for new digital products and services.


Researching, conducting interviews, writing usability insight reports, presenting to client


Several rounds in 1.5 years

UK, Italy, France, Poland​, Spain


In-lab interviews


Research reports

Usability reports

Strategy outline

Checkout some of the projects we contributed on!

I was responsible for conducting UX interviews to test new product concepts from different Google initiatives in different countries in the native tongue (French, English, Spanish and Italian). Based on the research, I was then in charge of creating usability reports showcasing the different usability problems and frustrations users were experimenting with the proposed design. The reports included not only hard usability findings but I was also responsible for suggesting new approaches to the different initiatives the Google teams were suggesting. Before conducting the research, we had to make improvements and suggestions to the interview guides as well as different localisation modifications.

Conducted research in France, Spain, UK, Poland and Italy.

Skills: UX Research, A/B Testing, Usability reports, in-lab interviews, UX strategy

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